About Us

Our mission is to Build, Design, Create & Develop the Dreams.

Paramount Engineering is an Engineering solution (ARCHITECTURE, STRUCTURE, MEP) and BIM consultancy firm which is about creative and collaborative design, within legislated parameters, to bring the client’s vision to life, on time and on budget.

The Aim of Paramount Engineering is to Bring the Idea of Imagination, Creativity, Innovation, intuition and systematic reasoning of how it could be and how can we create the Desired outcome for the user is itsprimary role. Be it large scale development or simple home improvement, we strive to make your vision a reality and provide a one stop, stress-free and responsive service.

We thoroughly assess your needs and build a team for you as your requirements dictate. With our back-office services, we work together to closely monitor the progress of your projects and make revisions with your team throughout the process. Either on the cloud or through the collaborative software of your choice, you are firmly in control of your projects.

Our Story


Henrys Residence

The 5,500 square foot home features huge windows across the east-facing façade that maximise the ocean view and sea breezes, while the dramatic double negative edge pool is positioned on the west side of home, where it is sheltered from the wind and enjoys the best of the afternoon and evening sun.

Museum Expansion

Located on the waterfront near Breakers, Tranquility Cove was extensively renovated to turn it into a high end, luxury rental villa suitable for multi-generational families and groups of up to 16.



A new concept for the small house created at the back yard of villa in UK for the couple who wanted new design with limited space.


Example of foundation modelling done in Revit for Hospital Building New Zealand.



A boldly contemporary private home, dominated by simple, unembellished forms, straight lines and precise angles, the owners took inspiration from famous modern designs such as the Glass House and Barcelona Pavilion.